Diane L. Dahlgren
Amazing images! Love the candids and your special eye to lighting snd getting the best out of your subject., you inspire me, im an amateur but have a passion for this.
Wow, the pictures are awesome, I cant believe the quality of the pictures in such a short time
We've been loving your work! WOW! Amazing lighting and creative framing! You Rock!!!
You have sarp eyes and doing a great follow through with the website.
Jamie Horn(non-registered)
What a fantastic web site you have!
Robert Bob Lalas
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
I really enjoyed watching your photos, your photos are fantastic, such an eye for color, texture and composition - just great. Ill visit the site often
Ron & Patty Landry(non-registered)
Becky an Ken,
I have to say we are BLOWN AWAY by your pictures. Just got done viewing Kim & Ben's wedding, and you truly captured the energy and LOVE of this new family.
Though a very "Non Traditional" wedding, this amazing weekend involving members of a blended family
under the same roof of a magnificent mansion will not be forgotten.
Additionally, we have made new friends that we welcome into ours.
To Kim & Ben, WOW, what a great wedding plan. This was an AWSOME event !!
Only one issue with the mansion Ken, THE ALARM CLOCK going off at 3:00 AM. LOL,LOL, LOL
Dave Morrow(non-registered)
Wow, I'm impressed with your latest photos of people. You have both ascended to a new height of near perfection. You are undoubtedly the best people (especially children) photographers I know in this area. Great job you two, hadn't looked at your Facebook or business site in a while but sure am impressed. Love it all! Shea Lam sure has my endorsement and highest recommendations.
Bill Busse(non-registered)
Hi Becky & Kenny,
I just looked through Jay & April's photos. I just can't come up with the words right now to express how happy we are on the wonderful job you guys did. Really Great work!
( Wished you could have touched-up my Bald Head!! LOL.)
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