Jan Lucas(non-registered)
Becky and Ken are consummate professionals. They are also a joy to work with, easy going, immaculate eye for detail and precision and always first class photographs. Their candid shots are exceptional, sadly we have never been able to have those type of photographs for our business, but have very often seen the excellent work they do. Thoroughly recommend both of them. Thank you Becky and Ken!
Diane L. Dahlgren
Amazing images! Love the candids and your special eye to lighting snd getting the best out of your subject., you inspire me, im an amateur but have a passion for this.
Wow, the pictures are awesome, I cant believe the quality of the pictures in such a short time
We've been loving your work! WOW! Amazing lighting and creative framing! You Rock!!!
You have sarp eyes and doing a great follow through with the website.
Jamie Horn(non-registered)
What a fantastic web site you have!
Robert Bob Lalas
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
I really enjoyed watching your photos, your photos are fantastic, such an eye for color, texture and composition - just great. Ill visit the site often
Ron & Patty Landry(non-registered)
Becky an Ken,
I have to say we are BLOWN AWAY by your pictures. Just got done viewing Kim & Ben's wedding, and you truly captured the energy and LOVE of this new family.
Though a very "Non Traditional" wedding, this amazing weekend involving members of a blended family
under the same roof of a magnificent mansion will not be forgotten.
Additionally, we have made new friends that we welcome into ours.
To Kim & Ben, WOW, what a great wedding plan. This was an AWSOME event !!
Only one issue with the mansion Ken, THE ALARM CLOCK going off at 3:00 AM. LOL,LOL, LOL
Dave Morrow(non-registered)
Wow, I'm impressed with your latest photos of people. You have both ascended to a new height of near perfection. You are undoubtedly the best people (especially children) photographers I know in this area. Great job you two, hadn't looked at your Facebook or business site in a while but sure am impressed. Love it all! Shea Lam sure has my endorsement and highest recommendations.
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